In April 2005 at the SCAA meeting in Seattle, Washington, there was a cupping competition for Rainforest Alliance coffees.
Nueva Granada was given a score of 87.6 and was graded third out of the coffees submitted which was very exciting for us.
Headed by Ted Lingle, executive director of the SCAA, the judges were impressive:

• Karen Cebreros, Elan Organic Coffees
• Martin Diedrich, formerly Diedrich Coffee
• Lowell Grosse, Balzac Brothers
• Shawn Hamilton, Java City Roasters
• Cyrille Jannet, Ecom Trading
• Linda Smithers, Susan's Coffee & Tea
• Steve Ruiz, F.Gavina & Sons

Cupper's comments :
• "Sweet, very pleasant nice coffee"
• "Smokey at first, maybe a bit tart"
• "Complex fragrance, very well balanced, great body"
• "A good coffee well rounded with pleasant flavor"

Rainforest Alliance Gala 2003 Award :
Two years earlier, at the Rainforest Alliance Gala in New York in 2003, Nueva Granada was given an award for being one of the earliest farms to believe in Rainforest Alliance's mission and to win certification.
Nueva Granada is proud and grateful for the recognition of its fine coffee.
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