Nueva Granada is committed to sustainable, shade-grown coffee and is proud to have earned the Rainforest Alliance Certification.

Shade-grown Coffee
Shade trees provide a sanctuary for migrating and local birds as well as for small wildlife. They protect the coffee plants from the tropical sun, hold the earth and enrich it with their leaves. Already a shaded farm with macadamia trees giving part of the shade, Nueva Granada has planted over 30,000 additional trees since joining the Rainforest Alliance program.

Spring Water
Three mountain springs are a blessing for the farm and provide abundant spring water for coffee processing.

Wildlife Corridors
Rainforest Alliance has taught us to protect the rivers and streams of Nueva Granada by letting the bordering vegetation grow thick and uncut. This also provides corridors for small wild animals throughout the farm.

Ecological Mill
Our new ecological mill uses little water -- 80% less than the old mills -- and thus Nueva Granada does not return used water to the rivers in the farm. What little water is left from the pulping and washing is used for irrigation.

Sustainable Agriculture
The coffee cherry pulp and organic matter are composted and used as organic fertilizer and we have begun to compost macadamia shells as well. The farm follows all the Rainforest guidelines for sustainable agriculture, using only the few approved agro-chemicals. We are experimenting with natural methods to control insects and use farm-made traps to catch the coffee borer.

Primary School and Computers
Nueva Granada has a primary school for the children of its resident workers with a library of over 300 story books, dictionaries, atlases, and enclycopedias. We have six computers in the school and offer computer instruction to the students and also to the adults on the farm.

Health Care
Nueva Granada has an emergency first aid and child care clinic where the resident health promoter gives vaccinations, treats for parasites, and offers basic health care and medicines. Nueva Granada works with Project Hope and with APROFAM, the women's health NGO of Guatemala.

Community Connection
Nueva Granada pipes spring water free of charge to four neighboring settlements--4,000 to 5,000 people--and donates to social and medical programs in the nearby town of El Tumbador, San Marcos. Often, the farm serves as a community meeting place when new projects are announced for the area.
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