Arabica coffee is the finest gourmet coffee and was a closely held secret for many years. The last Arab stronghold in Europe was the Spanish fortified city of Granada, site of the magnificent Alhambra. It was from Granada that the Arabs left Europe in 1492, the same year Christopher Columbus discovered the new world.

The Volcanos Rumble

Nueva Granada is a deep green coffee farm in San Marcos, nestled by the two tallest volcanos in Guatemala -- Tajumulco and Tacana. Powerful blue-lavender silhouettes, Tajumulco and Tacana stand dormant -- only their names rumble in the imagination. The coffee of Nueva Granada grows high on mountainous slopes in soil made rich by volcanic ash.

Blooming and Ripening

In March and April the coffee trees bloom with jasmin-scented starry flowers that drift like clouds over the farm and, when the flowers fall, coffee buds swell from the stems. As the months pass, the green buds grow under the canopy of shade trees until, by late October, plump cherries cascade down the branches and begin to ripen.

The Harvest

When the coffee cherries turn deep red, it is harvest time. The cherries are hand picked by workers, wicker baskets at their waists, who pass through the groves several times, selecting only those cherries that are fully ripe.

We believe this care in using only the ripest coffee cherries makes for the best tasting cup.

Processing the coffee

Nueva Granada uses its own clear spring water to pulp the coffee cherries. Two beans come from each red coffee cherry and they are washed and graded in running spring water, then dried slowly and evenly on patios and in low heat dryers.
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