New seedlings need to be planted every year to keep the farm healthy. The selected coffee beans are planted in light sand so their roots will stretch and grow.  When the first leaves unfold, high-yielding aromatic plants are grafted onto strong root systems.

About 30 days after grafting the young plants are transferred to plastic bags filled with rich earth and organic fertilizer and set out in rows to mature for six months in shade and with irrigation.  We use the bags upside down -- and it is our innovation-- to keep the weeds out and also so the tap root does not curl at the bottom. 

At the beginning of the rainy season, in May, when the seedings are about a year old, they are planted throughout the farm. They grow slowly under the canopy of shade trees and only come into full production after four years.

The Arabica Bourbon coffee plants of the old world grow lushly in Nueva Granada as do the Arabica coffees of the new world, Caturra and Catuai.

Nueva Granada Estate Coffee
During the harvest, Nueva Granada selects only the ripest cherries, and when the beans are in parchment form, again grades the coffees and stores them in burlap bags in a special, dry, wood-line storeroom. When an order comes from a roaster, the parchment covering is removed and Nueva Granada's blue-green beans are carefully selected and prepared for shipment.

Because Nueva Granada is a small estate farm, great care is taken in the preparation and grading of its high-grown SHB and HB Arabica coffees. Nueva Granada has a long and well known tradition of excellence.
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